The Acquisition Process

Buying another company is an effective way to acquire new assets and create growth potential for your business. However it can be risky and expensive. Working with Bridge means you can maximise your opportunities thanks to our comprehensive research; minimise your legal and accountancy costs; reduce the risk of expensive yet unsuccessful negotiations and optimise the management time you dedicate to an acquisition.

Maximising Opportunities

Bridge maximise the number of opportunities you can consider:

  • We take time to understand your business and your acquisition criteria.
  • We conduct comprehensive acquisitions market research internationally and in the UK.
  • We identify target companies (even those which may not currently be for sale) and ensure they are open to negotiations.
  • We approach sellers as a third party giving you confidentiality and allowing you to approach companies you may not otherwise be able to consider. 

Smooth Negotiations

Bridge ensures smooth negotiations:

  • We work with you to select the companies to approach. We then make the initial approach to sellers. We discuss the opportunity with the seller in more detail, including your vision for the future and establish an indication of value.
  • We build a relationship with the seller in order to maintain their trust throughout the process.
  • We keep the due diligence and documentation process on track thanks to in-house lawyers.
  • Our expertise allows us to identify if an acquisition isn’t going to work out. Calling a halt early on avoids costly and time-consuming negotiations.

Limiting Timescales and Cost

Bridge limit the time and cost of the negotiation process:

  • We assist with negotiations between you and the seller to reach Heads of Agreement. Our role here is to limit your management time and the cost of professional fees.
  • As required, we manage the due diligence and documentation process from Heads of agreement/ Letter of Intent through to completion.
  • Bridge work with you on a joint venture basis working with you to achieve a common goal. Our fees are charged on success as a percentage of the price paid for the company. 
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